COVID-19 and Technology Webinar Series

Join Us for the COVID-19 and Technology Webinar Series

This FREE webinar series is designed to educate safety professionals and business leaders on how innovative technology solutions can play an important role in mitigating COVID-19 risks. Hear from organizations embracing technology to manage everything from physical distancing to workplace testing, and contact tracing to public transportation.

Technology and COVID-19: Mitigating Risk with Innovative Technology Solutions
1 p.m. (CST) Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020
This webinar will discuss how technology has helped decrease some of the risk related to COVID-19. Lorraine M. Martin, President and CEO of the National Safety Council and CEO of Consumer Technology Association, Gary Shapiro will discuss SAFER’s response on how technology can help get people back to work safely.

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Watch for webinars coming soon on the following topics:

Technology for Testing and Contact Tracing
The fact that many infected with COVID-19 are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic means it is important for organizations and workplaces to take precautionary measures to protect their workforces and the public. This webinar will discuss procedures for testing and screening that organizations can implement, along with how contact tracing is a key tool in reducing virus transmission.

Technology for Physical Distancing
Physical distancing remains a critical part of the pandemic. This webinar will discuss different technologies that can be used to help with physical distancing. Speakers will discuss how companies are embracing wearable technologies to maintain and enforce physical distancing, and how one company is using wearable barcode scanners and an app to enable proximity sensing for production line workers.

Technology for Public Transportation
Traveling for work always brings its own considerations and challenges, which is truer in the time of COVID-19 than ever. Careful planning, information gathering and on-the-ground diligence is important to keeping everyone safe and healthy. This webinar will explore what organizations are doing to help keep people safe as they travel during the pandemic.

Future of the Workplace and Technology as a Long Term Response to COVID-19
The final webinar of this series will bring a panel together to discuss how technology will play a long-term role around COVID-19 and provide viewpoints on the future of the workplace.