SAFER Webinar Series - National Safety Council
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Watch These Free, Quick Hit SAFER Webinars

This series of five free, 30-minute webinars will help you turn SAFER return-to-work recommendations into actionable plans for your organization. Also, check out the Quick Hit documents, developed with the insight and expertise of the SAFER Task Force.

Action Planning

A site-specific or company-wide action plan for monitoring and adjusting operations in response to COVID-19 can help mitigate risk. Each site, department or operations group should be able to answer the questions in the SAFER Action Plan Template before resuming operations. Samantha O’Kelly and Justin Fischer from Terex discuss how their organization used an action planning template to bring their employees back to work safely.

Managing Anxiety

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased stress and anxiety for a variety of reasons for everyone across the country. As return-to-the-workplace conversations and activities commence, employees may be concerned about being exposed to or infected by COVID-19 and bringing it home to family members. Some may be at higher risk of developing severe illness from the virus than others due to age, pre-existing medical conditions or social factors, such as poverty, use of public transportation or living in congested urban areas. Carl Heinlein from ACIG discusses helpful tips and guidance on successfully managing anxiety as employees return to work.

Office Operations

This webinar suggests steps to take to facilitate best practices in office workplaces. Topics will include reopening and physical distancing, along with a risk exposure index to score three categories of risk mitigation: location, interaction and tasks within the office setting. Justin Dugas and Darlene Edwards from USG present steps their company took to bring employees back to the office.

Employee Return and Confirmed Cases

Because COVID-19 will continue to present risks to workforces after parts of the country move into response phases, employers should consider remaining flexible in their telework and leave policies to help employees return to work. In addition, it is important for workplaces to communicate and take action when an employee has a confirmed case of COVID-19. Anthony Militello with the Department of Defense shares procedures his organization has been implementing to bring employees back to work and what to do if anyone has a confirmed case.

Entrance Screening

Many organizations are looking for guidance on worker screening before entry into the workplace. This webinar entails guidance around screening preparation, protocol for the screeners, at-home screening, on-site screening and failed screening procedures. Jason Wernex from Ameren discusses how his organization has handled screening procedures.