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National Safety Month Public Materials

June 2023

Thank you for participating in National Safety Month! We’re excited to share a month’s worth of free resources with you. Our insights-based tools will help you create a culture of safety both on and off the job. Check back often for more resources.

2023 Weekly Topics

Through June 1

  1. Resources: Download and review your National Safety Month (NSM) materials. Start by sharing the NSM poster and using the NSM icon in your promotions for the month.
  2. Social Media Kit: Help spread the word with ready-to-use social media posts and images from our NEW digital social media kit. This kit makes it easy to share posts and images on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Be sure to use the hashtag #NSM in all your posts.
  3. Mark your calendars for events. Register for our free June webinar:

    June 15, 1 p.m. ET 
    Workplace Safety Summit: Insights and Actions to Prevent the Most Common Injury on the Job. Register Now >
  4. Show Your Safety Pride! Choose a day or week to showcase your safety pride with our Go Green for Safety campaign. Encourage your team to dress up in green – the universal color of safety – and hold up our printable #GoGreenforSafety sign. Capture photos and videos to share in your communications and on social media.
  5. Take the SafeAtWork Pledge. Workplace fatalities are unacceptable and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Doing your part today can help save a life tomorrow – maybe even your own. Take the NSC SafeAtWork Pledge, and commit to:

    • Actively help my employer improve our safety programs  
    • Report hazards promptly and suggest solutions  
    • Be a good safety role model for my friends and family, even off the job  
    Share the pledge with your co-workers, family and friends, place it on your company’s intranet site or in a company newsletter, and post about it on your social media channels and challenge your peers to follow your lead. 
  6. Listen to the NSM podcast. The Safety+Health magazine team is joined by David Consider, senior safety consultant at NSC for an On the Safe Side podcast to discuss the four weekly themes of NSM. 
  7. Support NSC: Did you know the Council’s Work to Zero initiative, which seeks to eliminate workplace fatality risk through emerging technologies, and our MSD Solutions Lab, which works to prevent pervasive and complex musculoskeletal disorders, are both made possible through generous charitable contributions? Help make workplaces safer by donating to our lifesaving mission today.

Go Green for Safety Sign

Go Green for Safety Sign

NSC Pledge
- Actively help my employer improve our safety programs

- Report hazards promptly and suggest solutions

- Be a good safety role model for my friends and family, even off the job

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