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Icon for Week 2  Emergency Preparedness

  1. Promote First Aid: The first week of June is also National CPR and AED Awareness Week. When an emergency arises, knowing CPR and how to use an AED can save lives. Share this survivor video and download the free NSC First Aid App. Learn more about NSC First Aid training.
  2. Graphic: Use this week animated graphic on your social media channels and in employee communications to get the word out.
  3. Off-the-Job Resources: Safety needs to be 24/7. Let these resources help you and those you care about stay safe around the clock.

    • NEW! Family Fire Escape Plan template  
    • Fire Safety in High-Rise Buildings  
    • Lights Out. Now What?  
    • Are You Ready for a Disaster?  
    • Emergency Supplies for Your Home and Vehicle
  4. Articles: The Council’s flagship publication, Safety+Health magazine, provides a wealth of knowledge. Check out articles related to this week:

    • You Can Help Save a Life  
    • Workplace Fire Drills  
    • Create a Volunteer First Aid Response Team for Your Workplace  
    • Help Prevent Workplace Violence
  5. Get the Facts: Check out statistics on emergency preparedness topics from Injury Facts®. Call out statistics in your NSM emails or presentations to hit home why this topic is important.

    • Fire-related Fatalities and Injuries  
    • Drug Overdoses  
    • Weather-Related Deaths and Injuries
  6. Safety Pro Resources: NSM is a time not just to get safety information to your workers, but to also help build your skills and make your job easier. Check out these resources:

    • Workplace violence is a top occupational hazard, yet few organizations have sufficient programs in place to prevent, mitigate and respond to violence. The NSC Work to Zero initiative believes safety technologies can help. Access a new report and playbook to help your employees be safe.

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Want extra safety resources? NSC members get more during NSM and all year long, including a customizable emergency response plan template, sample communications and exclusive webinars. Not a member? Join today

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VIDEO: Jennifer Valdez, CPR saves lives

GRAPHIC: Emergency Preparedness

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TEMPLATE: Prepare your family for fire emergencies

Additional Resources

  1. Online Training Options: Type in or copy and paste the following titles into the platform’s search field:

    • Emergency Response for Multi-Story Buildings   
    • Egress and Emergency Action Plans Awareness   
    • Active Shooter: Preparation and Response Suite
  2. NSC First Aid Training: Delivering first aid quickly and effectively can be, quite literally, a life-saver. NSC is the expert in occupational first aid and CPR training and meets current CPR/ECC guidelines. Our courses include the use of Naloxone as a life-saving aid in a suspected opioid overdose. The drug is now available over the counter and approved by the FDA
  3. NSC SAFER Initiative: Would your company be ready if another pandemic arises? With the new National Safety Council COVID-19 Cost Calculator, you can enter the size of your workforce, average salary and other key data points to see how much an infectious disease outbreak would cost your company with and without a mitigation strategy.

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