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  1. NSC Membership Sneak Peek: Below is a tiny taste of the exclusive resources you could access as an NSC member.

    • 5-Minute Safety Talk: Identifying and addressing safety hazards
    • Engagement Game: Spot the Hazards game
    Check out this member benefit guide to see how NSC can be your partner on your safety journey. Not a member? Join today or request more information.
  2. Webinar:
    • June 18, 1 p.m. ET                     
    Creating an Opioid Overdose Reversal Program for Your Workplace Register Now > 
  3. Videos: Share this week’s animated graphic video (MP4  |  YouTube) on your social media channels and employee communications. Also, consider sharing these videos:

    • Another chance to save someone’s life
    • Safety is Personal – Sandra’s story             
    • The opioid crisis           
    • Top causes of death at every stage of life           
    • A preventable death occurs every two minutes
  4. Articles: The Council’s flagship publication, Safety+Health® magazine, as well as Family Safety+Health® magazine, provide a wealth of knowledge like the following articles:

    • Ready for a safety walkaround? 
    • Protect against shoulder injuries
    • Help workers avoid hearing loss
    • Protect your wrist when working
    • 5 common electrical safety errors
    • Robotic technology in the workplace
  5. Get the Facts: Check out statistics from Injury Facts® to use in your NSM emails or presentations:
    • NSC Odds of Dying webpage and video
    • Work-related Fatality Trends
    • Top Work-related Injury Causes
    • Musculoskeletal Injuries
    • Overdose Deaths
  6. Safety Pro Resources: Use these resources to help build your skills and engage your employees:

    • Respond Ready Workplace
    • Workplace Wellbeing Hub
    • Understanding the Current State of Safety Hazards in the Crane Industry
    • A Foundation for Evaluating Safety Training Effectiveness            
    • MSD Solutions Lab resources
    • Work to Zero: Safety Innovation Journey and resources
    • Campbell Institute research 
  7. Off-the-Job Resources: Let these resources help you and those you care about stay safe 24/7:

    • ‘Tech neck’: What it is – and how to avoid it
    • Avoid an unintentional overdose
    • Connect2Prevent – easy-to-follow lessons for talking to your loved ones about drug use
YouTube Video


YouTube Video

VIDEO: Another chance to save someone’s life


NSM Poster

Get the Facts
*In 2022, preventable work deaths totaled 4,695, and workplace medically consulted injuries totaled 4.53 million.

*Source: Injury Facts

Additional Resources

  1. NSC Workplace Training: Workplace safety culture begins with a well-trained workforce. Employees trained in NSC safety programs make their workplaces safer for everyone. Check out a variety of training options to fit your needs.
  2. NSC Driver Safety Training: Did you know driving causes the most work-related deaths? Empower your drivers with the knowledge and skills they need to drive safely. Partner with NSC for driver and roadway courses, including the NEW Fleet Essentials training program.
  3. NSC First Aid Training: NSC is a recognized OSHA provider and leader in first aid education. Partner with NSC to know employees are receiving the most up-to-date knowledge and the latest lifesaving techniques.

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