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Icon for Week 3  Heat-Related Illness

  1. Go Green for Safety: We’ve reached the halfway mark! If you haven’t already participated in a Go Green for Safety day or week, encourage your workers to share their safety pride by wearing green and taking photos with our printable Go Green for Safety sign.
  2. Graphic: Use this week’s animated graphic on your social media channels and in employee communications to get the word out.
  3. Off-the-Job Resources: Safety needs to be 24/7. Let the following resources help you and those you care about stay safe around the clock.

    • NEW! Stay Safe in the Heat tip sheet              
    •  What’s the UV Index?             
    • Help Older Adults Stay Safe in the Heat  
    • NSC First Aid App – including information on heat-related illnesses  
    • Children are Dying in Hot Cars – including free online training in English and Spanish   
  4. Articles: The Council’s flagship publication, Safety+Health magazine, provides a wealth of knowledge. Check out articles related to this week:

    • Hydrate for Good Health    
    • Work Safely in the Heat: What You Need to Know    
    • Tackle Heat Stress Hazards 
  5. Get the Facts: Check out these weather-related statistics from Injury Facts®. Call out statistics in your NSM emails or presentations to hit home why this topic is important.

    • Weather-Related Deaths and Injuries 
  6. Safety Pro Resources: Check out these tools and resources to assist in your efforts to prevent heat-related illness and save lives at your workplace:
    • Remembering Tim: A life lost to heat illness at work (U.S. Department of Labor)  

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Want extra safety resources? NSC members get more during NSM and all year long, including a customizable heat-related illness prevention plan template, sample communications and exclusive webinars. Not a member? Join today

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Go Green for Safety Sign

SIGN: Go Green for Safety

GRAPHIC: Heat-Related Illness

NSM Tip Sheet Image

TIP SHEET: Stay safe in the heat

Additional Resources

  1. Online Training Options: Type in or copy and paste the following titles into the platform’s search field:

    • Heat Stress Awareness  
    • Safety Everywhere: Dealing with Heat 
  2. OSHA Heat Resources
  3. NIOSH Heat Resources
  4. CDC Heat Resources

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