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Sarah Ischer, CIH, CSP
April 27, 2022

You know that feeling you get when you go to see your favorite band play live? You are surrounded by a bunch of other fans and energy fills the room. That’s the same feeling I had earlier this month at the Work to Zero Summit and Expo. There’s nothing like bringing together a group of safety leaders – both in-person and virtually – who are excited about the promise of technology to end workplace fatality risks. The enthusiasm was buzzing in both the sessions and expo.

Safety is a journey. Challenges won’t be solved overnight, but if you take steps, little by little, a huge impact can be made. It was inspiring to see several Summit attendees are already adopting technology at their workplaces and many others are researching to learn more. It is a good reminder that safety innovation isn’t a thing of the future, there are many real-world applications organizations can start implementing right now. For example, working at height still proves to be a challenge, but over 200 safety professionals joined us virtually to learn more about the promising technology solutions to save lives on this issue. 

Work to Zero is here to help you advance on your Safety Innovation Journey starting today. Visit nsc.org/worktozero to access our growing suite of free tools and resources to assist you on each stage of the journey. Below is a sample of materials you can explore right now.

Better Understand Your Fatality Risks: Use our Safety Technology Locator Tool to identify the top hazardous situations and relevant technology solutions for your organization.

Explore Possible Technology Solutions: Browse our various webinar series on topics like drones, proximity sensors, fatigue detection technologies and immersive technologies.

Determine Organizational Readiness: Take our Organizational Readiness Assessment for Safety Technology in the Workplace to determine your organization’s digital readiness level, and read the Determining Readiness for Safety Innovation and Industry 4.0 report to gain additional insight. Download these resources.

Make the Business Case for Innovation: Check out our Making the Business Case for Safety Innovation report, along with the NSC Work to Zero investment calculator, which allows companies to explore the value of eight key safety technologies in saving lives and saving money.

Pilot and Implement Safety Technology: Read Safety Technology Pilot and Implementation Roadmap: Making Innovation Accessible, which discusses challenges to innovation and provides a four-stage roadmap with continuous improvement actions to assist employers on their innovation journey. Also, consider signing up to participate in upcoming safety innovation challenges.

While events like the Summit and Expo breathe fresh air into our efforts, we can take steps each day to advance together on this journey to implement innovative safety solutions. Just like at a concert, I hope the idea of using technology as a safety solution gets stuck in your head for a long time to come. 

Sarah Ischer, CIH, CSP

Sarah Ischer is a senior program manager of the Work to Zero initiative at the National Safety Council.

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