Need Help Piloting Safety Technology?

Thousands of workers are lost to preventable causes each year. The Work to Zero initiative at the National Safety Council believes when employers embrace safety technologies, worker lives can be saved. 

To help organizations through this process, Work to Zero – in partnership with DEKRA – has released the Safety Technology Pilot and Implementation Roadmap: Making Innovation Accessible report. It discusses challenges to innovation and provides a roadmap to assist employers on their innovation journey.

This four-stage roadmap includes a series of continuous improvement actions for employers to follow for digital transformation, including:

  • Plan: Determine the business goals for digital transformation
  • Prepare: Engage a group of digital champions and consider all elements of change management 
  • Evaluate: Review proofs of concept and the ROI for safety technology
  • Innovate: Revisit and engage all affected groups for technology and support readiness and launch implementation

Digital transformation is here to stay. To remain competitive, download this report to gain in-depth information on each of these stages and learn how to successfully manage the change of introducing safety technologies to your workforce. 

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