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ProActivity by Dakota Software helps organizations ensure EHS compliance by centralizing their regulatory obligations and management of related tasks, issues, and documents. It features a constantly updated regulatory library that guides users in the creation of facility-specific regulatory profiles and ensures that compliance calendars and audit protocols are always up-to-date. ProActivity helps to transform safety management from reactive to proactive by allowing any worker, even those without user accounts, to report injuries, incidents, near misses, and safety observations from any device. Once captured, safety leaders can collaborate on investigations and RCA activities and track Corrective Actions to closure. Its ​​patented data exploration tools can be used to analyze trends, pinpoint operational risk, share insights across locations, and satisfy OSHA Recordkeeping requirements.

How does Dakota Software measure their technology's effectiveness in the field?

Dakota's product innovation is driven by an active user community that provides feedback via an integrated response management system, organized user events, and online forums. Our products feature in-product Quickstart Tours help users learn the products at their own pace and on their own schedule. We also offer carefully constructed online training courses designed to increase user’s knowledge and skills. Each Dakota client works with a dedicated Client Success Manager who helps to set goals, achieve early wins, monitor progress, and maximize Return on Investment (ROI).

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