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MakuSafe Wearable Tech

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Company Overview

Located in West Des Moines, IA

Manufacturing;Construction;Transportation and Warehousing;Accommodation and Food Services;Other Industry

Founded 2016

MākuSafe® is an award-winning Connected Worker & Safety Data Analytics solution aimed at improving worker health, safety, and productivity while reducing injuries, workers comp claims, and mitigating risk exposures. Our patented system combines innovative wearable technology with a robust analytics and safety management software platform that provides real-time data with predictive value. This data provides a more complete picture of workplace risk, and includes things such as; Strain and exertion, MSD/ergonomic risk, slips/trips/falls identification. Environmental or industrial hygiene hazards, like heat, sound, air quality, and light. Unequalled in the market is push to talk voice reporting capability which increases communication of good-catches, near-misses, and input/observations from the workers perspective. High degree of concern for worker privacy - no biometrics or PII, and no continual tracking of people. In addition, by elevating the voice of the front lines we create engagement and participation, resulting in stronger cultures and mindset. And intentionally, there is no distracting haptic or other feedback delivered to workers. Contributes to the mission of both Work To Zero and MSD Solutions Lab initiatives. Currently deployed in industrial organizations in more than half of US States, Canada and Mexico, and on 3 continents around the world.

How does MakuSafe Wearable Tech measure their technology's effectiveness in the field?

MākuSafe focuses on loss avoidance resulting from data gathered. Clients have shown a reduction in; Number of claims by 50%, Claims frequency by 50%, Claims severity by 90% Client whitepapers and case studies show: Work To Zero Case Study - client reduced lost time injuries by 74% in year one in logistics operation, increased front line communication, and employee satisfaction. Weitz Construction - 0.0 TRIR attained and maintained for three years on numerous multi-employer construction projects by large general contractor. Logistics Insurer policyholder documented 56% reduction in strain and exertion incidents, totaling $450,000 in WC losses avoided per site.

MakuSafe Wearable Tech Areas of Expertise

MakuSafe Wearable Safety Tech With MakuSmart Data Analytics Platform

Category: Proximity sensors;Fatigue monitoring and wearables;Software;Remote or lone worker monitoring;MSD-related wearable


Smart Wearable;Software;Artificial Intelligence;Analytics Platform;Mobile Application

Primary Hazard

Musculoskeletal disorders

Secondary Hazard

Thermal stress;Loading and unloading;Vehicle pedestrian interactions;Construction and installation;Noise Exposure



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