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Located in San Mateo, California

Manufacturing;Construction;Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services;Utilities;Transportation and Warehousing Industry

Founded 2019

TuMeke automates ergonomic risk assessments with computer vision and helps industrial teams drive organizational improvements. The software identifies movement patterns that risk a future injury and provides directional guidance on how to correct. Using the software is simple. Safety staff at industrial firms take videos as part of their normal evaluation process. Our system then automatically identifies noteworthy postures, the frequency of particular movements, and the duration that postures are held. This information is then passed through industry standard ergonomic risk assessments. The system then offers automatic recommendations on what parts of the job to prioritize and what should be considered for adjustment with estimates of risk reduction impact. Dashboards then allow management to cut risk across the company to identify high risk jobs so they know where to invest to maximize ROI when implementing interventions.

How does TuMeke Ergonomics measure their technology's effectiveness in the field?

Traditionally completing ergonomics assessments can take 60 minutes or more per assessment. With TuMeke, it is closer to 5 minutes per assessment. This allows teams to increase coverage of what is analyzed and spend more time on implementing improvements to actually reduce injury risk. With full deployments, TuMeke users have seen reductions in ergonomic injuries of up to 68%.

TuMeke Ergonomics Areas of Expertise

TuMeke Ergonomics Risk Suite

Category: Computer vision;Artificial intelligence;Software


Computer Vision;Analytics Platform;Artificial Intelligence;Mobile Application;Software

Primary Hazard

Musculoskeletal disorders

Secondary Hazard

Loading and unloading;Fatigue


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