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Defensive Driving

First Aid



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Defensive Driving Training

DDC Alive at 25

Exclusively developed for drivers under the age of 25, this highly engaging 4-hour classroom course helps young drivers understand the importance of taking ultimate responsibility for their driving decisions by focusing on attitude, behavior, and judgment. Alive at 25 is an excellent complement to driver education programs that have traditionally focused on hands-on and rules-of-the-road training. This course is also outstanding for traffic courts to offer their young drivers that receive traffic violations because traffic crashes continue to be the #1 cause of death of teens.

DDC Defensive Driving Course 10th Edition

The nation’s leading curriculum to teach drivers the most effective defensive driving techniques and collision prevention strategies. The NSC DDC 10th Edition is the most comprehensive three-in-one classroom-based driver safety program available providing instructors flexibility to teach the course in 8-, 6- or 4-hour durations.

First Aid Training

Advanced First Aid, CPR & AED

The ideal course for those in high-risk industries. Prepare your students with our comprehensive 16 to 40-hour advanced first aid course. It's the industry-leading first aid training that will help your students recognize and act competently and confidently in an emergnecy situation in order to sustain life.

Basic Life Support

NSC Basic Life Support is an in-depth 4 to 5 hour course for health care providors and emergency response teams focuses on immediate life-threatening situations, and demonstrates how to respond quickly and effectively. Participants learn how to assess a victim's condition, basic life support including breathing, cardiac emergencies and CPR airway obstruction, as well as how to use an AED effectively.

Emergency Medical Response

First aid training for Emergency Medical Service personnel. This 40-52 hour course reflects the National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards and Emergency Medical Responder Guidelines. Participants learn to assess patients, address breathing and cardiac emergencies and treat illness and injury. Also covers remote-location first aid and EMS operations.

First Aid, CPR & AED

This 5 hour course is ideal for emergency response teams, safety personnel, supervisors, individuals requiring certificationa and the general public. Available in the classroom or oline, this course teaches participants how to recognize a medical emergnecy, handle breathing and cardiac emergencies, sustain life until professional help arrives, prevent disease transmission and care for sudeen illness and injuries.

Pediatric First Aid, CPR & AED

This 5.5 hour course has been adapted from the NSC First Aid, CPR & AED course to meet the special needs of infants and children. Participants gain hands-on training and confidence to respond to a variety of pediatric emergencies. Ideal for child care providers, early childhood educators, youth organizations, individuals requiring certification.


2.5 day course to train an employee to become a NSC First Aid, CPR and AED instructor.

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