Basic Life Support for Health Care, Professional Rescuers

Today's professional responders encounter many challenges such as natural and man-made disasters and infectious diseases. Responders may require increased training to effectively handle these emergencies. 

This in-depth course focuses on immediate life-threatening situations, and demonstrates how to respond quickly and effectively. As importantly, it provides real-world perspectives on how frequently these situations occur to help provide context and retain knowledge.  This NSC course is updated with the 2020 CPR and ECC guidelines, and meets Center for Disease Control, OSHA and National Fire Protection Agency guidelines.

Participants will learn:

● The professional rescuer's role in medical emergencies

● How to assess a victim's condition

● Basic life support, including rescue breathing, cardiac emergencies and CPR airway obstruction

● How to properly and effectively use an automated external defribrillation (AED)

Who will benefit:

● Health care providers

● Emergency response teams

● EMS professionals, firefighters, police and paramedics

● Lifeguards, athletic trainers and medical assistants

● Individuals requiring certification

Basic Life Support Training

Let an authorized NSC Instructor train your employees at your facility. Call us at (800) 621-7619 for details or email [email protected].

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