Advanced First Aid and Basic Life Support for Health Care and Professional Rescuers

OSHA mandates that a trained first aid responder must be present in high-risk industries with the most dangerous jobs where medical emergencies require immediate emergency response. Ensure compliance and prepare your workforce with this comprehensive 30- to 40-hour advanced first aid course.

It's the industry-leading occupational first aid training that will help your workforce recognize and act competently and confidently in an emergency situation in order to sustain life.

Participants will learn how to:

● Give basic life support training commonly taught to health care and rescue professionals
● Control bleeding and manage shock
● Care for injuries and medical emergencies
● Give advanced resuscitation techniques
● Respond to substance abuse emergencies including Naloxone administration
● Identify special situations: behavioral emergencies, pregnancy and childbirth
● Perform remote-location first aid

Who will benefit:

● Employees in high-risk industries
● College students
● Vocational school programs like HOSA
● College health care professional programs including athletic training, nursing and more
● Professions that require Basic Life Support certification 

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On-Site First Aid Training

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Individual Training

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