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Motor vehicle collisions kill more than 40,000 people and injure millions every year. Traffic courts play an important role in addressing this issue by retraining drivers to improve their skills and attitudes, particularly young drivers and repeat offenders. NSC safe-driving courses can provide opportunities to educate drivers, reduce penalties for traffic infractions or satisfy court requirements.

An NSC safe-driving program is a good alternative to traditional court and conviction options that can:

Reduce court congestion: When drivers pay court fines and sign up for a safe-driver program, judges have far fewer traffic cases to hear and roads become safer

Lower administrative costs: When NSC is allowed to handle some or all of the tasks for managing the safe-driver program, courts save administrative costs

Improve driving skills and behaviors: Drivers learn better driving conduct and choices through unique and effective NSC defensive driving courses

Create safer roads: As more drivers are trained, roads become safer and collisions, injuries and deaths are reduced

Nationwide, more courts rely on NSC than any other provider for driver safety training.

Partner with NSC, the Leader in Driver Safety Training

NSC courses have leading-edge curriculum based on research into best driving practices, techniques and driver choices. Several are available depending on the needs of your safety program.

Alive at 25 - 4 Hours

Teaches young drivers how to make safe, respectful and legal driving decisions. This highly interactive program provides role-playing opportunities and group exercises that show young drivers how to take control of situations and become responsible for their actions, attitudes and driving behaviors.

Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving New Edition - 8 Hours

Recommended for drivers with multiple traffic violations and those with poor driving behaviors, repeat traffic offenses or those who have had their license suspended. Ideal for states with repeat offender laws, suspension avoidance or reinstatement training programs or courts to address reckless/aggressive drivers, and imminent risk categories.

Chronic Offender - 8 Hours

Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving is the prerequisite to this engaging, interactive course centered on small-group discussions and non-threatening/nonjudgmental activities between participants and instructor. The course structure also accommodates courts and state government traffic safety and ticket diversion programs.

The Alternative Behavior Choices (ABCs) in Driving - 8 Hours

The ABCs in Driving online course is unique in the industry and designed to help repeat traffic offenders promote better self-regulation and awareness while driving. This adaptive course starts with a personal assessment of the learner’s driving behavior to guide them through customized learning paths.

State Courts Against Road Rage (SCARR) New Edition - 4 Hours

Challenges drivers to confront the dangerous driving behavior that got them into the class and discuss how to change it. Uses compelling images to demonstrate the serious consequences of their irresponsible driving.

Defensive Driving Course

Available either as instructor-led or online, this training helps drivers recognize and respond to hazards and handle speeding, distracted, impaired, aggressive and fatigued driving. Our flagship course, it features scenario-based activities that teach participants to evaluate high-risk driving situations and determine the most practical response.

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