Alive at 25 Helps Young, High-risk Drivers Make Safe Choices

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of preventable death for teens and crashes involving an inexperienced driver affect everyone: on a typical day, an average of 15 people of all ages are killed in crashes involving an inexperienced driver. In fact, teen drivers are nearly twice as likely as drivers aged 20 and older to be in a fatal crash. This lack of experience, combined with distractions, peer pressure and a tendency to underestimate danger, all create heightened risks for teens, which raises the risks for everyone on our roads.

Alive at 25® is a highly interactive program that can help states and courts teach younger drivers – between the ages of 15 and 24 – to make safe, respectful and legal driving decisions. Hundreds of thousands of young adult drivers have taken this course since it was first released in 1996, receiving crucial training on roadway risks, the factors in and out of their control behind the wheel, and the choices they can make to stay safe. Ideal participants for this course include high school students, young adults in the military and those sent by a traffic court or state agency who have incurred traffic violations.

The four-hour classroom course is available in English and Spanish. Learn how NSC can be your partner for safer roads by completing this form.

Since South Carolina's NSC Alive at 25 program kicked off in 2007, the state's death toll among drivers 15-24 dropped by 37%. Since Kentucky State Police started teaching Alive at 25 in 2004, the Commonwealth’s death toll among drivers aged 16-19 dropped 60%.

Be the One Who Saves Lives as an NSC Alive at 25 Instructor

You can help drive this training home, earn extra income and save lives as an NSC Alive at 25 instructor. Our instructors support our mission and enjoy a range of benefits:

● Flexible schedule opportunities

● Network with other driver safety professionals

● Make a difference for young drivers and their loved ones

Our web-based Instructor Authorization Course takes you through the full Alive at 25 course curriculum to ensure you are prepared to help participants make safe, lifesaving choices behind the wheel. It offers proven facilitation methods and the instructional standards and training skills to deliver a successful driver improvement program.

Get started by checking out the course curriculum below and requesting more information on becoming an instructor.

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