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New webinars are posted in this space regularly. Recordings of meetings, and supporting documents and presentations also are available in the webinar archive.

Webinar Archive

Watch recordings of meetings and access supporting documents and presentations. Please note that comments, questions, or perspectives raised in the discussion or chat do not necessarily reflect those of the Road to Zero Coalition, its members or other participants.

2023 Events

Normalization of Pedestrian Fatalities - May 10

Pedestrian fatalities have been increasing at alarming rates for more than a decade. Hear and learn about the role of safety culture, infrastructure and policy decisions that have contributed to this tragic outcome, as well as solutions and collective actions we can undertake to reverse this deadly trend. Watch the webinar (use passcode ^NtAUD4h).

The Role of Language in Traffic Safety Culture - April 20

Explore the role of language in safety culture with attention to view from behind the wheel, or “windshield bias.” Dr. Tara Goddard of Texas A&M will be joined by Katie Mueller of NSC and Nathan George of Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency, who each bring a wealth of expertise in safety management. This session builds on the July 20, 2022, webinar, The Role of Traffic Safety Culture in Addressing Roadway Fatalities. Watch the webinar (use passcode #N#8f!t1).

Safe Mobility for Older Adults - Feb. 2

People of all ages deserve to have safe and accessible mobility options. This webinar will explore some of the data behind older driver safety and support available for alternative commutes. Featured speakers include representatives from NHTSA, USAging, ChORUS, and Safe Mobility for Life Coalition Program. Links from Chatbox. Watch the webinar.

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