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Community Traffic Safety Grants

The Road to Zero Coalition Community Traffic Safety Grants (previously the Innovation Grant Program) aims to fund projects, programs and research that help achieve the mission of zero traffic deaths. Since 2017, the program has awarded more than 25 grants to partners across the U.S. working to move the needle on safety. With new support, a new round of grants will be distributed over the next three years.

The focus of the grant program is on innovative and promising approaches for implementing evidence-based countermeasures, supporting a Safe System approach and performing necessary research to address traffic fatalities and improve traffic safety. We are looking for proposals that:

  • Describe the innovative implementation approach, cite the evidence of effectiveness or identify how effectiveness will be evaluated, and/or discuss how the project fills a gap or addresses existing disparities in traffic safety
  • Have measurable objectives and generalizable results; projects should demonstrate innovative approaches that could be replicated in other locations or scaled up to a broader level

Hear from Grantees

Grantees are regularly featured in Road to Zero webinars to share their programs and provide lessons learned to other Coalition members. You can catch a sample of grantee presentations here, including:

2019 Grant Recipients

2018 Grant Recipients

2017 Grant Recipients