Kathy Bernstein

  • Senior Manager, Teen Driving Initiatives

    ​Kathy Bernstein is the National Safety Council teen driving program director, spearheading a national campaign that has successfully impacted the lives of thousands of America's teen drivers. Car crashes are the #1 killer of teens, with 50% of high schoolers involved in a crash by the time they graduate. Under Kathy's leadership, NSC developed grassroots coalitions, created digital resources for parents and worked for state legislators to enact critical graduated driver's licensing laws to keep teens safe.

    Partnering with The Allstate Foundation, Kathy built 10 state coalitions, recruiting leaders, supporting them to develop broad coalitions, guiding each coalition through annual strategic planning, building a measurement framework and creating evaluation tools to provide consistent, comparable results across coalitions. When coalition work identified parents as the target audience for change, Kathy seized this concept to develop www.DriveitHome.org, an online community for parents to understand the challenges their new drivers face and how they can best support them.

    Kathy also worked with The Allstate Foundation to run a pilot, testing methods to reach parents, learning that radio ads and in-person presentations are the most effective strategies. "Steer Your Teen Down the Right Road" is a turnkey product that integrates facts, videos, questions and a risk evaluation, free for anyone to address parents groups. Kathy also targeted improving Graduated Driver Licensing laws. She supports the work of the Traffic Injury Research Foundation to develop an improved GDL Framework to bring consistency across the United States.

    Before joining NSC, Kathy was a community organizer working on issues impacting working families in Chicago and raising funds to support those efforts. Kathy received her degree in social work from Xavier University. She is married and the mother of two. Kathy is the author of "Adventures in Teen Driving," where she shares her family's experience as her son learns to drive.