Provide Your Employees with Top-level Training

Is your current first aid program in compliance with the OSHA Best Practices Guide? NSC offers programs that exceed OSHA requirements, providing your employees with skills they need to save lives on and off the job.

Customize First Aid Training to Your Industry

The NSC First Aid, CPR and AED program provides 100 custom training scenarios for industries like:

● Manufacturing
● Utilities
● Construction
● Transportation
● Warehousing
● Wholesale Trade

NSC will work with you to develop a custom program to meet your organization’s corporate guidelines and budget. You can calculate the cost of NSC materials with the Cost Savings Calculator.

First Aid Training that Meets Your Needs, Delivered at Your Site

Not only will we customize the training to your industry, we’ll bring it to your work site. We can even manage training for you at multiple locations.

Training employees in first aid benefits your bottom line.

Nearly 13,000 workers are injured on the job each day. The average cost of a disabling injury is $40,000. Employers pick up 80% of these expenses, which can include:

● Lost work time
● Increased insurance premiums
● Increased workers' compensation expenses
● Increased liability risk
● Legal costs

Contact us for private on-site first aid training at your facility.

You or a Staff Member Can be Certified by NSC to Teach First Aid

As an authorized NSC instructor, you can teach at your worksite or anywhere in the U.S.

If you’re already teaching first aid with another provider, you can cross over into our program.

Learn more.

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