NSC Library a Clearinghouse of Safety Information for More Than 100 Years

NSC Library LaSalle Street, Chicago in 1918The NSC Library in 1918, when NSC was housed on LaSalle Street in Chicago. 

In 1913, people asking to use the National Safety Council Library would have been directed to single drawer in a file cabinet. From this small assortment of papers, clippings and pamphlets, the NSC Library has grown into one of the most comprehensive safety collections in the world.

Throughout its history, the Library has helped users keep up with an ever-changing body of safety knowledge. Current documents focus on emerging safety issues, new regulations and the latest research, as well as practical how-to advice. Older documents offer a historical perspective on safety, explaining how our understanding of the issues has developed.

Since 1915, the Library has had a staff of degreed librarians available to assist users with targeted searching based on their specific questions. The Library offers a number of services to help safety professionals stay up to date.

The NSC Library Today

The NSC Library has more than 174,000 books, research reports and articles, covering a wide range of topics, including:

NSC Library Today
  • Safety Management
  • Compliance and Regulations
  • Training
  • Statistics
  • Best Practices
  • Archived Materials (dating back to the early 1900s)
  • NSC Congress Transactions, 1912-1978

Library Resources for Members

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NSC members also get access to the Library Catalog, as well as:

  • Ask the Library archived materials, a compilation of frequently requested topics
  • Library Alerts: A monthly listing of selected recent library acquisitions
  • Supplemental Reading for NSC Webinars

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Ask the Experts

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Additional NSC Resources

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The NSC Library also provides referrals to experts for specialized information and assistance in locating Internet resources.

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