My Car Does What?

A Campaign on Safer Driving with Technology

Hundreds of millions of cars on our roads have safety technologies – new and old – that help reduce the risk of crashes and deaths. But even the most advanced safety feature cannot replace a safe, focused driver in the car.

The National Safety Council and the University of Iowa Public Policy Center are educating the public on how to best interact with these safety features to have better, safer driving experiences. Ultimately, you are your car's best safety feature.

See the Latest from MyCarDoesWhat?

Vehicle safety technologies are constantly being updated, and so are the resources to help you understand them. In 2023, MyCarDoesWhat.org has created brand new videos, blog posts and more, all designed to highlight the latest safety features and break down what your vehicle can – and can’t – do. 

A Campaign for All Drivers – Novice or Experienced

MyCarDoesWhat.org uses videos, graphics, animation, social media and other resources to educate the public on the ever-changing world of car safety features. The campaign provides easy-to-use information for any driver, no matter what kind of car they have or how old it is.

MyCarDoesWhat.org helps visitors answer questions about their car's features, like:

● How do I find out what an icon or warning means?
● How do I use these features the way they were intended?
● What other types of features are out there similar to the ones I like?
● What features should my car have, and what features will be mandated in the future?

A Primer on Car Safety Features

YouTube Video

The most popular car safety features include:

● Back-up Camera: A video feed shows you the blind zone directly behind your car as you back up
● Blind Spot Monitor: Sensors detect when other cars enter your blind spot and warn you with visuals, sounds or vibrations
● Lane Departure Warning: This feature scans roadway markings and warns you if you're drifting out of your lane

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