Connect2Prevent – Connect with Your Family and Help Prevent Opioid Use

Worrying about your kids is part of parenting, but it seems like every year there is something new and scary out there to worry about — especially when the news is full of information about opioid use and drug overdose deaths. We’re here to help! Connect2Prevent from the National Safety Council can help you learn about opioids, and how to support and talk to your family about this issue. 

What is Connect2Prevent?

It's a series of interesting, easy-to-follow lessons designed by experts to help you feel more confident talking to your loved ones about drug use. Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email lesson once a week for 10 weeks. Each lesson only takes about 5-15 minutes and has videos and links to more information to explore. 

The lessons cover the basics of opioids, addiction, harm reduction and how to talk to providers — especially around sports injuries and dental surgeries, when your child is the most likely to be prescribed opioid pain medications. Each lesson also includes information on what you can do to help your family stay safe and how to spark conversations with your kids.  

Connect2Prevent was created in partnership with Pacira Biosciences.

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