DDC Instructors: Adobe Flash is Not Supported

NSC requires you to use USB if playing DDC multimedia on a computer.

With Adobe Flash no longer supported on web browsers or computers, NSC would like to ensure all of our DDC Instructors have clear information on how to use their course multimedia presentation going forward.

If you are using a DDC DVD video disk for your course, there is no impact as long as you use a physical DVD Player instead of playing the disk on a computer. If you are using your PC to play the DVD, please switch to using the USB, as it has better display quality. NSC requires you to use USB if playing our DDC multimedia on a computer. Details on how to properly run our multimedia on a USB are highlighted below. If you follow these instructions and still have issues, it is likely that you have a defective USB, as they can wear out. In that instance, please contact Customer Service for help.

Below is USB information on each of our DDC courses. Please note that DDC 10th Edition has never used Flash and will continue to work exactly as it has for you without change.

Instructions NSC has provided directly on the USB have not changed.  For PCs, the Flash Launch file should no longer be used (crossed out in red). You must only choose the "Launch HTML" file (circled in Green).

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