Build Your Teen’s Driving Skills with the DriveitHOME App

Get your teen driver the experience they need to stay safe.

The National Safety Council is pleased to offer our new DriveitHOME app for parents of new teen drivers. This free phone app logs your teen’s practice hours, shares ideas for weekly driving lessons and includes instructional videos to keep your teen’s progress on track. Use the DriveitHOME app to get involved with your teen behind the wheel and get them the experience they need to stay safe. 

DriveitHOME Can Help You Make a Difference:

  • Conveniently log your teen’s practice hours to stay on track with state GDL requirements
  • Use our weekly Pointers for Parents lessons to slowly and safely get your teen more experience behind the wheel
  • Sign the New Driver Deal with your teen to get on the same page about driving rules and responsibilities


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