A New Tool for Teaching Your Teen How to Drive Safe

A New Tool for Teaching Your Teen How to Drive Safe

A New Tool for Teaching Your Teen How to Drive Safe

My 24 years of experience speaking in schools has shown me students want the real story, not fluff.

Andy Pilgrim started the Traffic Safety Education Foundation in 2008. He is a professional race driver and a contributing writer/vehicle tester to Automobile Magazine.

About two years ago, I released a video called Realities of Driving Today. The video was a tool to teach some of the unfortunate realities students and newly licensed drivers in the U.S. run into (pun intended).

Essentially, the video explains how unprepared many new drivers are. Many of them don’t get enough structured driving education, yet pass their driving test and receive a license. The video also covers how traffic fatality and injury rates have increased recently, and it provides critical information to help the students combat these tragic realities.

My 24 years of experience speaking in schools has shown me students want the real story, not fluff. I have seen that many new drivers will change their distracted driving behaviors if they’re given safety lessons that make sense to them, and teens need these lessons now more than ever.

Last year, more than 40,000 people died in traffic crashes, yet many of us don’t even view driving as a dangerous activity.

I am happy to say more than 20,000 teachers have requested the Realities DVD since I first released it. I still get requests for it every day. With a recent update to the video, I ordered an additional 5,000 copies to give away. DVDs are sent to teachers and parents at no cost. For those not stuck in the 20th century, you may be asking yourself, why is he producing physical DVD’s? The reason: 70% of teachers still ask me for them.

I produced two other teaching tools over the last six years. One is for parents with children of ALL ages called The Parent Driving Zone. The other is called The Driving Zone 2 and is specifically aimed at helping driver’s education teachers supplement their curriculums in the classroom. Over 50,000 of these DVDs have been requested so far and I am currently updating the content of both videos and producing another 10,000 copies, as more parents and teachers request them.

Today, I am happy to announce my new video production, Awareness Driving Techniques for Today. This new resource greatly expands the important knowledge and information found in my other lessons. It centers on the use of eye scanning, situational awareness, hazard perception and critical thinking while driving - major safety skills new teen drivers need when behind the wheel. It also shows how distracted driving of any kind takes away a driver’s ability to be fully aware, leaving them vulnerable and exposed to danger from all sides.

This newest production contains 27 chapters of driving scenarios, covering most of the everyday traffic situations that lead to crashes for many new drivers and even distracted experienced drivers.

Each chapter shows footage from within a vehicle as I explain what I see and where I observe danger could come from. Many chapters talk about the multiple directions drivers need to be aware of in order to not be “surprised” or “blindsided.” Both of these common terms basically mean the driver who got hit was not aware enough and let themselves become vulnerable.

As I have said many times, it may not seem fair that we have to pay so much attention in order to “see” all the distracted and dangerous drivers around us. But if we want to stay safe and not end up telling a police officer, “they came from nowhere,” we have to pay full attention when we drive. If we were all fully aware drivers all of the time, there would be dramatically fewer crashes on our roads. The unfortunate truth is, the vast majority of all crashes are caused by human error; they’re not “accidents.”

More than 90% of the footage in my new video was taken as I drove around and none of the traffic situations were staged.

Here is a partial list of chapters for Awareness Driving Techniques for Today:

  • Intersection with multiple potential hazards
  • Red light runners
  • Unexpected situations & emergency vehicles
  • Drivers not allowing other vehicles to merge
  • Erratic driver on freeway
  • Uneven lanes and construction zones
  • School zones
  • Tailgating
  • Large trucks
  • Rain conditions
  • Ice and snow

Plus, more!

If anyone would like a copy of Awareness Driving Techniques for Today or any of my other video productions, please go to www.theparentdrivingzone.com or www.trafficsafetyeducationfoundation.org and simply fill out the online order request. In a few weeks, the new Awareness video will be added to all my other video productions in the download section of my websites. But currently, I only have DVDs of Awareness available. I already have more than 1,000 requests from teachers for the new video. All of the downloads and DVDs (while supplies last) are available at no cost.

Take care out there on the roads, everyone.


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