New Data Shows Your Teen is Still at Risk Behind the Wheel

New Data Shows Your Teen is Still at Risk Behind the Wheel

Car crashes remain the leading cause of death for teens.

According to National Safety Council estimates, more than 40,000 people died on our nation’s roads in 2017.

This marks the second consecutive year in which this many Americans were killed in car crashes. And though the estimates show a slight decrease compared to 2016 – 1% – this is still 6% higher than the number of deaths in 2015.

For parents, these numbers show that the roads are still dangerous and your teen driver is still at risk.

Car crashes remain the leading cause of death for teens, but parent involvement can have an enormous impacton keeping them safe behind the wheel. Whether it is getting them more driving practice in different road conditions and situations, talking through your New Driver Deal or simply setting a good example, the more effort you put into teaching your teen the right lessons, the safer he or she will drive.

Here are a few tips to review with your teen this week:

  1. Scan the road. Make it clear to your teen that driving safe is not just about taking responsibility for yourself, it is scanning the road and anticipating the actions of other drivers. This is something that only comes with experience, so bring it up often and point out examples when driving with your teen.
  2. Drive for the conditions. An important lesson for your teen to learn is that speeding can mean more than going over the speed limit. In poor conditions, such as rain, snow or limited visibility, drivers must reduce their speed to stay safe. As we move into spring, make sure your teen gets practice driving at night and is prepared for sudden rain showers and other changes in the weather.

Good luck and safe driving!


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