Pledge to Drive Safe for Your Family’s Sake

Pledge to Drive Safe for Your Family’s Sake

Don’t be caught off guard if your tween reminds you to keep your eyes on the road.

Here at DriveitHOME, we put a lot of emphasis on making sure your teen learns to drive responsibly, but staying safe on the road is something every family member can have a hand in.

While car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens, they are also a major threat to young kids and adults. Fortunately, a little education can go a long way in keeping us all safe and road safety is a perfect place for families to start.

Parents are a crucial dynamic in this education, as are younger siblings. Kids can pick up on your driving habits long before it is their turn to get behind the wheel, so teaching them about safety early on is an excellent idea.

To help families stay safe on the road – and to celebrate National Safety Month – the National Safety Council has created the Family Safe Driving Pledge. This resource highlights the role of every occupant, from drivers to passengers, and outlines what they can do to promote safety in the car. It also gives parents a set of talking points for educating kids of all ages about road safety. This way, you’ll have some tips on talking with your children about the risks and dangers related to driving and how to improve their safety from the moment they’re able to learn.

Just like our New Driver Deal, it is designed to be signed by all parties and placed prominently in the house so that all family members can be reminded about their commitment to safety behind the wheel.

As a parent, you can lead the way by introducing this Pledge to your family and explaining why it is so important. Just don’t be caught off guard if your tween reminds you to keep your eyes on the road – that’s exactly the type of behavior this Pledge is designed to encourage!


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