Accident Prevention Manual Environmental
Accident Prevention Manual: Environmental Management (2nd Edition)

Accident Prevention Manual: Environmental Management (2nd Edition)

This volume of the Accident Prevention Manual series offers students and professionals an overview of economic, legal, and ethical concerns specific to environmental management. This textbook edited by Gary Krieger includes information on the complex laws of waste storage and disposal and a discussion on broader issues such as global warming and risk assessment. It also provides case studies, references and sources for help, and glossaries of technical terms and acronyms.

The goal of this textbook is to provide both new and experienced safety, health, and environmental professionals with enough basic information and analysis so they can successfully understand, initiate, and direct appropriate actions for their business or industry.

The APM: Environmental Management is an excellent resource for students and professionals delving into how environmental issues impact national and international safety and health.

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Table of Contents

Part I General Framework
  1. History and Development
  2. Economic and Ethical Issues
  3. United States Legal and Legislative Framework
  4. International Legal and Legislative Framework
  5. Basic Principles of Environmental Science
  6. Managing Environmental Resources
  7. Environmental Audits and Site Assessments
Part II Waste Management
  1. Hazardous Wastes
  2. Health and Safety Training for Hazardous Waste Activities
  3. Pollution Prevention Approaches and Technologies
Part III Special Concerns
  1. Public Health Issues
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Indoor Air Quality
  4. Global Issues
  5. Using the Systems Approach to Avoid Risks
  1. Case Studies
  2. Sources of Help
  3. Glossary of Acronyms
  4. Glossary of Terms


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Dimensions: 8.5"x11"
Pages: 548
Copyright date: 2000
Illustrated: Yes
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