Authentic Involvement
Authentic Involvement

Authentic Involvement

Written by renowned safety professional Dan Petersen, Authentic Involvement goes beyond behavior-based safety to involve all employees in the safety process. The approach explored in this textbook promotes the responsibilities, achievements, and recognition of employees to create a positive perception of safety involvement.

The behavior-based approach encourages peer observations and the correction of unsafe behaviors, and can encourage limited active involvement by management. In contrast, authentic involvement seeks to empower all employees while making management's efforts more visible.

By promoting the responsibilities, achievements, and recognition of employees, management creates a positive perception of safety involvement. When management has greater participation and accountability and promotes a culture of by all workers, employees are motivated to work toward greater safety.

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Table of Contents

Part I Involvement
  1. Involvement in Safety – The History
  2. Early Attempts at Employee Involvement
  3. Rationale for Involvement
  4. Definitions
Part II Options without Change of Structure
  1. True Empowerment versus Limited Empowerment
  2. Shared Decision Making
  3. Input for Better Decisions
Part III Options with Change of Structure
  1. Self-Directed Work Teams
  2. Self-Directed Work Teams in Safety
Part IV Culture and Involvement
  1. Culture
  2. Assessing Culture
  3. Behavior-Based Safety
  4. Developing an Information Security Program
  5. Future of Authentic Involvement
  6. Role of Safety in Achieving Involvement
Part V Appendices
  • A – Safety Sampling
  • B – Measurement
  • C – Assessing Culture


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