Pocket Guide Safety Essentials 2nd Edition
Pocket Guide to Safety Essentials (2nd Edition)

Pocket Guide to Safety Essentials (2nd Edition)

This quick reference book is a compilation of several resources related to the art and science of safety management. The small guidebook serves as a useful resource for students or professionals dedicated to the continuous improvement of occupational safety and health and can be easily transported to class, injury site, or job site.

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Table of Contents

  1. Management Theories
  2. Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Systems
  3. Hazard-Risk Identification and Control
  4. Industrial Hygiene
  5. Occupational Health and Toxicology
  6. Applied Math and Science
  7. Hazardous Energy
  8. Tools and Equipment
  9. Fire and Explosion Hazards
  10. Hazardous Materials Management
  11. Education and Training
  12. Personal Protective Equipment
  13. Audits and Inspections
  14. Incident Investigation
  15. SH&E Ethics and Professional Codes of Conduct
  16. Professional Development
  17. Networking and Professional Associations


Formats: Softcover
Dimensions: 4.125"x7"
Pages: 282
Copyright date: 2014
Illustrated: Yes
Product #: 17648-0000
ISBN: 978-0-87912-331-4
Suggested retail price: $60.05

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