Free Workplace Impairment Training

If your company is located in Pennsylvania, employees are eligible to complete NSC Impairment Recognition and Response Training for Supervisors at no cost to your company even if they reside outside of Pennsylvania. This training is available through a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in partnership with the National Safety Council. 

Take steps to keep employees safe

Workplace impairment can have many negative effects on workplace safety, employee wellbeing and your bottom line. Require your supervisors to complete this complimentary course so they can help you build a strong safety culture.

After completing this training, frontline supervisors, safety professionals and managers will have expertise and skills they need to recognize and address workplace impairment, no matter the cause.

39% of employers say impairment is causing more injuries

Learn more about this pressing issue:

Q. What is impairment?

A. Impairment is caused by a broad range of factors. NSC defines workplace impairment as anything that could impede one's ability to function normally or safely, regardless of the cause. It can be caused by legal or illegal substances, physical factors like fatigue, and psychosocial factors like mental distress and stress.

Q. Is impairment a workplace safety issue?

A. Yes. Impairment poses a safety risk in and out of the workplace. It can negatively affect worker wellbeing and your company’s bottom line.

Q. Why should my organization prioritize addressing impairment?

A. Providing support for all causes of impairment improves employee safety, morale and wellbeing, as well as overall workplace culture. From a dollar standpoint, employers spend an annual average of $8,817 for untreated substance use disorders per employee. This just one example of the many costs an organization could face. Impairment training helps to limit that expense. 

Q. Who should take this training?

A. Frontline supervisors, safety professionals and managers. A certificate will be issued to participants once the training is complete.

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