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Take the Focused Driver Challenge

There is no safe way to use a cell phone and drive – even with a hands-free device. Protect the ones you love – including yourself – and pledge to stop using your phone behind the wheel. Calls kill. No one should ever die from such a completely preventable cause.

Your Challenge: Take the pledge and share it on your Facebook wall. In your post, state why you’ve taken the pledge, tag the National Safety Council and tag three friends you want to stay safe. Please use #CallsKill.

Sample Post: I took the @National Safety Council pledge to drive cell free because I don’t want to risk my life or anyone else’s. I challenge <Tag Friend>, <Tag Friend> and <Tag Friend> to take the pledge because I can’t imagine life without you! #CallsKill

Don't forget to share the pledge on Facebook.

I pledge to drive cell free:

  • Having a phone conversation - handheld or hands-free
  • Texting
I dedicate my pledge to:
(For example, to your children because you want to see them graduate.)

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