Communications Improvements Rolled Out by Uber and Lyft - National Safety Council

Communications Improvements Rolled Out by Uber and Lyft

Safety starts with getting in the right vehicle every time.

April 18, 2019

Itasca, IL - The National Safety Council applauds the communications improvements rolled out by both Uber and Lyft, because the information pushed through customers’ apps will help ensure a safer, more secure ride. Ride hailing options are becoming a roadway staple; they hold the potential to curb serious, persistent threats, such as impaired driving. But to have the greatest impact, customers must embrace them. That begins with trust. Transparent, frequent and open communication that enhances customers’ safety and security helps build that confidence.

During the ride, customers need drivers who buckle up, drive attentively and maintain safe vehicles. But safety doesn’t start during the ride – it starts with getting in the right vehicle, every time. The communications improvements announced over the last few days will help ensure that happens.

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