Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center Reaccredited as a Pan Pacific Safe Communities Support Center

Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center Reaccredited as a Pan Pacific Safe Communities Support Center

KIPRC was first accredited as a Support Center in 2012.

​Itasca, IL – The National Safety Council and Safe Communities America congratulate the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC) on its reaccreditation as a Pan Pacific Safe Communities Support Center (PPSCN). KIPRC's work has resulted in injury prevention being prioritized and promoted at the local level.

Reaccreditation as a PPSCN Support Center confirms KIPRC's commitment to the six pillars of PPSCN: leading and collaborating, assisting and engaging communities, advocating for safety, promoting and sharing data, supporting evaluation and sharing their work at the regional, national and international level.

"By achieving reaccreditation, KIPRC backs up its stated mission of increasing knowledge and awareness of the prevalence of injury in Kentucky," said Carrie Nie, director of Safe Communities America. "Today, Kentucky has more accredited Safe Communities than any other state, an achievement that would have been impossible without the efforts of the KIPRC."

"KIPRC is pleased to be recognized as a PPSCN International Support Center that provides education, support, assistance and advice on injury prevention to local communities in the U.S. and in the Pan-Pacific region," said Dr. Terry Bunn, director of the KIPRC.

According to the NSC State of Safety Report, more than 70% of the preventable deaths in the U.S. occur in homes and communities. No state received an "A" for safety in the report, and Kentucky received a "C" overall. However, KIPRC is an example of how efforts at the local level can create a groundswell of community interest and lead to action statewide.

In the five years since the KIPRC first earned accreditation, the Center has developed county-level hospitalization and emergency department data reports for all 120 counties in Kentucky, collaborated with stakeholders to advocate for issues such as child passenger safety and strengthening of DUI laws, and provided tools to support community strategic planning processes.

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