The National Safety Council Honors 53 Organizations with 2015 Industry Leader Award

Itasca, IL – The National Safety Council announced that 53 organizations have been awarded the NSC 2015 Industry Leader Award for safety performance in their industries. The Industry Leader Award is one component of the NSC Occupational Awards Program, which recognizes outstanding safety achievements of NSC members and represents the top 5 percent of member companies that have qualified for the NSC 2015 Occupational Excellence Achievement Award (based on 2014 calendar year data). Winners are selected based on North American Industry Classification System code, lowest total incidence rate and employee work hours.

The 53 organizations honored with the 2015 Industry Leader Award are:

​Company Name​NAICS​Category
Trinity River Authority, Construction Services Staff, Arlington, TX​22Less than 100,000 Hours Worked
Schneider Electric Korea, Seoul​22100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
CMC Sheet Metal Inc., Capitol Heights, MD​23​Less than 100,000 Hours Worked
Corval Group, St. Paul, MN​23100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty Ltd., Industry Projects and Services​23100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
Schneider Electric, (Australia) Pty Ltd., Macquarie Park, Macquarie Park, NSW​23More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
Gulf Coast Partners, CPChem USGC Petrochemicals Project, Old Ocean, TX


More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked


100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
ExxonMobil, Beaumont Chemical Plant, Beaumont, TX​32More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
Flowserve Corporation, Services & Solutions Operations, Leduc, AB, Canada​33​Less than 100,000 Hours Worked
Schneider Electric, Pro-face America, Ann Arbor, MI​33Less than 100,000 Hours Worked
Nexteer Automotive, Paris Technical Center, Paris, France​33Less than 100,000 Hours Worked
Delphi Electrical/Electronic Architecture, CENTEC I, Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila​33

100,000-999,999 Hours Worked

FCA Canada Inc., Etobicoke Casting Plant - Local 1459, 1498, Windsor, ON, Canada​33100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
Schneider Electric, Eusebio, CE​33100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
Delphi Electrical/Electronic Architecture, Anting Tai Bo, A5, China, Shanghai​33More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked

Delphi Electrical/Electronic Architecture, Anting Yuanguo DCS, China, Shanghai

​33More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
FCA Canada Inc., Windsor Assembly - Local 444, 1498, Windsor, ON, Canada​33More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
Delphi Electrical/Electronic Architecture, Changchun, China, Changchun, Ji Lin33More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
FCA USA LLC, Mopar, Denver Parts Distribution Center-UAW Local 186, Denver, CO​42Less than ​100,000 Hours Worked
FCA USA LLC, Mopar, Center Line Packaging-UAW Locals 412, 889, 1248, Center Line, MI​42100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
FCA Mexico, S.A. de C.V., Mexico Headquarters & Engineering, Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico​42​More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
Clinique, New York, NY​44
100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
FCA Transport LLC, Windsor Transport, Windsor, ON, Canada​48100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
Fastenal Company, Product Support Center, Winona, MN​49​100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
John Deere Parts Distribution, Milan, IL​49​ More than 100,000 Hours Worked
AECOM DCS Americas, Colorado Springs, CO​54Less than 100,000 Hours Worked
AECOM DCS Americas, Phoenix (Camelback)​54​Less than 100,000 Hours Worked
AECOM, Life Cycle Engineering Naval Sea Systems Command, Manassas, VA​54Less than 100,000 Hours Worked
​AECOM DCS Americas, Indianapolis(Indiana Square)​54​Less than 100,000 Hours Worked
AECOM DCS Americas, Denver, CO​54100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
​Schneider (Thailand) Limited, Commercial, Bangkok, Thailand​54​100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
​Delphi, China Technical Center, China, Shanghai, Shanghai​54​100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
​Tetra Tech Inc., EMI Division​54100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
​Leidos Engineering, LLC, Facilities and DesignBuild Operation, Oklahoma City, OK​54​100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
​Leidos, Inc. Engineering Solutions Group, Environmental Science & Engineering OP., Oak Ridge, TN​54More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
Delphi Electronics & Safety, KTC, Indiana, Kokomo, IN    ​54More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
Delphi Electrical/Electronic Architecture, Anting Yuanguo Central Office, China, Shanghai​54More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
​Brown and Caldwell​54More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
​Amec Foster Wheeler, Construction & Specialty Consulting​54​More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
​John Deere, Olathe, KS​55More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
​Nana Management Services, LLC, Staffing Alyeska, Anchorage, AK​56Less than 100,000 Hours Worked
Med Tex Services Inc., Philadelphia, PA​56​Less than 100,000 Hours Worked
​NANA Management Services, LLC, BP NS Security, Prudhoe Bay, AK56 ​100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
​Schneider Electric Brasil LTDA., Sao Paulo/SP​56​100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
Savannah River Remediation, LLC, Aiken, SC​56More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
​AECOM, Savannah River Site Liquid Waste Disposition, Aiken, SC​56​More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
​NANA Management Services, LLC, Courtyard Hotel, Anchorage, AK​72​Less Than 100,000 Hours Worked
​NANA Management Services, LLC, Wrangell School District, Wrangell, AK​72​100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
​Schneider Electric Invenysis, Wyomissing, Wyomissing, PA​81​Less Than 100,000 Hours Worked
​Flowerserve Corporation, Engineered Pump Operations, Santa Clara, Mexico​81​100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
​Schneider Electric, West Kingston, West Kingston, RI​81​More than 1,000,000 Hours Worked
​City of Anaheim, Community Services Department, Anaheim, CA​92​100,000-999,999 Hours Worked
For additional information on the Industry Leader Award and other member recognition programs, contact the NSC motivation and recognition department at (800) 621-7615, ext. 52385.
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