National Safety Month Free Materials

National Safety Month Free Materials Coming Soon!

This year, NSC will shine a spotlight on the following four weekly topics:

June 1-7: Emergency Preparedness
When a medical emergency occurs, time is of the essence. Knowing and performing first aid and CPR can drastically increase a victim’s chance of survival.

June 8-14: Driving
Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in the workplace. Whether you drive for your job or just for your commute, responsible roadway habits can keep everyone safe.

June 15-21: Ergonomics
Poor ergonomics can lead to overexertion, the leading cause of preventable workplace injury. Listening to your body and properly setting up your workstation can reduce your chance of injury.

June 22-30: Employee Engagement
Complacent employees may be unaware of the hazards around them. Getting employees engaged can improve an organization’s safety culture and performance.

This year’s public materials will include a poster, tip sheets, articles, social media graphics and more! Member materials include everything the public gets, plus 5-Minute Safety Talks, weekly posters, videos and more!

More information coming soon!