National Safety Month Free Materials

Thank you for your interest in National Safety Month. Download and share these materials to help identify risks and ensure No 1 Gets Hurt

Think of at least one change you can make to improve safety this June. Use these resources during the designated weeks, or create a schedule that works best for your organization.

Week 1: Emergency Preparedness

Week 2: Wellness

Week 3: Falls

Week 4: Driving

Additional Resources

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Summer Safety Topics

As the temperatures rise this summer, be on the lookout for a new set of dangers. Get information on heat illnesses, fireworks safety, water safety and much more.

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Public Service Announcements

Get Your Bars Up!

Fatigue increases risk of injury and can cause a host of health problems. One small change – getting more sleep – can keep you safer.

Mr. Slippery

More than 9 million preventable fall injuries occured in 2016. Don't walk and text, clean up spills and watch your step.

Sammy and Odessa

Sammie Smoke Detector has an annoying beep when his batteries are low. One small change – replacing those batteries – can keep you safer.

Seat Belts Save Lives

Seat belts saved nearly 15,000 lives in 2016. Buckle up to make sure No One Gets Hurt.

National Safety Month Poster

Take Steps to Ensure No 1 Gets Hurt.

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Family Activity Sheets

Create a Fire Emergency Plan

Take the Family Safe Driving Pledge

Get Everyone Involved

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