Road to Zero Chicago Grant

Chicago Department of Transportation

Vision Zero Garfield Park

Chicago’s West Side is composed of three communities identified as High Crash Areas in Chicago. Composed of three unique neighborhoods, they collectively experience a rate of 607 serious injuries and fatalities per 100,000 residents, while the citywide rate is 302. In addition, they present a disproportionate share of High Economic Hardship households.

The goals for the Vision Zero West Side initiative were:

  • Build community members’ ownership of and influence on traffic safety
  • Coordinate open dialog and community-focused problem solving
  • Encourage and facilitate the participation of all community members
  • Inspire community action through public outreach and encouragement
  • Provide educational resources and tools tailored to the West Side community, including online and physical resources
  • Host accessible, informative, and enjoyable outreach and encouragement events and attend events within the community
  • Ensure that all hosted events include child and youth-focused activities
  • Unite disconnected agencies and organizations to increase understanding and awareness and to influence positive behavioral change
  • Improve the relationship between community members and City agencies, including police districts

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