Teen Driving: Programs, Organizations, Laws can Help Reduce Crashes

  • State Coalitions Work to Affect Change Through Stronger Laws

    NSC and The Allstate Foundation partnered to form state Teen Safe Driving Coalitions to create a culture of safe teen driving based on the proven principles of Graduated Driver Licensing.

    GDL minimize things that cause novice drivers the greatest risk of crash: distraction caused by other passengers, the use of cell phones and electronic devices, driving late at night and riding unbelted. GDL has three stages that help improve teen driving: learner's permit, probationary license and full license. GDL laws vary from state to state; NSC supports strengthening existing GDL laws.

    Keeping teens safe on the road is everyone's responsibility.

  • Advocate for Teen Driver Safety

    ​We need strong laws to protect teen drivers. Learn what bills are being debated in your state and how you can show your support.

  • Has a Teen Driver Crash Affected You?

    Have you or a loved one been impacted by a teen driver crash? You're not alone. Join the NSC Survivor Advocate Network. Share your story and help promote change that can save lives and prevent injuries.

  • Coach Your Teen Driver the Right Way

    Teens look to their parents for driving advice. Make sure to give them the right tips. Visit DriveitHOME.org for everything you need to coach your teen driver. ​