Completion of Cook County Traffic Safety School

Students must successfully complete the assigned TSS in its entirety to receive an original certificate of completion from Traffic Safety School. You do not need to appear in court unless otherwise directed by a judge. Traffic Safety School will report to the court that you successfully completed your course, and no conviction will be reported on your driving record with the Secretary of State.

Please retain the certificate of completion in your files for at least six months as proof of attendance. Students who complete the Online 4-hour Driver Safety Course can print the certificate. A duplicate certificate of completion is available for $10 (non-refundable) per certificate. To request a duplicate certificate of completion, please contact TSS at (888) 245-8450 or [email protected]. Traffic Safety School will mail the duplicate certificate(s) to the mailing address provided within 7-14 days of payment processing.

Failure to Complete

Failure to complete your Traffic Safety School course within the designated time frame may result in a conviction being entered against your official driving record. Conviction may result in the suspension of your driving privileges and may affect your automobile insurance costs.

If you receive a conviction, you have the option to go to court and petition the Court to have the conviction removed. The Court may allow you to request an extension of the time available to complete Traffic Safety School; however, there are additional court fees for this process. You must contact the municipal court district where you received your ticket to request an extension. The website is cookcountyclerkofcourt.org.

If the time available for you to complete the course has expired, Traffic Safety School cannot re-enroll you until you have contacted the Court and requested additional time to complete your course. If you request and are granted an extension to complete your course, new fees may apply.

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