Alive at 25 4-Hour Driver Safety Training

Teaches Drivers Under 25 to Make Safe, Legal Driving Decisions

Alive at 25® focuses on young adult drivers between the ages of 15 and 24, the group with the greatest risk of death by motor vehicle crash. This highly interactive course targets those most in need of learning defensive driving skills, emphasizes making sound driving choices and raises awareness of the consequences of poor driving conduct. This curriculum is designed and structured using a modular approach, with four 60-minute sessions with five-minute breaks.

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What Participants Will Learn

Alive at 25® incorporates Reality Therapy and Choice™ Theory techniques to help participants identify the five basic needs that drive human behavior: survival, love and belonging, fun, freedom and power.

Whereas driver education teaches the mechanics of car and road handling and state law, Alive at 25® focuses on inexperience, distractions, poor judgment, peer pressure, a tendency to underestimate risk, decision making and consequences. This driver safety course provides tools for making positive choices in a way teens can relate to. With a strong emphasis on classroom interaction, students are encouraged to join in non-threatening, non-judgmental discussions—exploring how changing driving behavior makes personal, legal and financial sense. This course is an excellent complement to standard driver education programs.

Course objectives

  • Recognize that drivers in the 15-24 age group are more likely than anyone else to be injured or killed in a vehicle crash and understanding why those drivers are at such high risk
  • Understand the consequences of making poor judgments or taking unnecessary risks in a vehicle
  • Recognize the positive characteristics that can help them and their friends make wise driving decisions
  • Identify actions they can take to keep control whether they are a driver or a passenger
  • Commit to making better driving choices and to help their friends make better driving choices

Alive at 25® classes are held at the National Safety Council metro Atlanta location. The National Safety Council, a leader in driver improvement training for more than 50 years, developed Alive at 25® to specifically target drivers in this age group.

Registration Information

Course fee is $50 payable by credit card through online registration. You can reschedule to a different date at no cost up to 48-hours prior to the start of your chosen class date. If you miss your class, a non-refundable rescheduling fee of $50 applies.

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