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Amy Harper is director of workplace strategy at the National Safety Council.

‚ÄčIf there was a tool online that could, free of charge, make you wealthier, you'd use it, right? What if that online tool could make you taller? Or thinner? Or stronger? Same answer, right? Of course you'd use it.

So if there was a tool online that could, free of charge, help make your organization safer, you'd use that too, right?

With that in mind, I hope everyone reading this is aware of the Journey to Safety Excellence, a special National Safety Council offering to all organizations that provides access to a series of free, practical safety tools and resources. The campaign gained a new sponsor recently when the Metals Service Center Institute joined as part of a broader effort to raise the importance of safety in the metals industry.

The Journey to Safety Excellence offers three measurement tools: NSC Safety System Assessment, NSC Employee Safety Perception Survey and the NSC Incident Rate Calculator. There also are hundreds of articles, recorded webinars and case studies, as well as an online Safety Forum and periodic updates on new safety resources.

The importance of safety in the workplace can't be overstated. More than 10 workers die on the job each day, and there are 4.8 million injured every year. We also estimate that each year sees more than 50,000 fatal and more than 400,000 nonfatal workplace illnesses.

Journey to Safety Excellence national founding sponsor Grainger, advocate sponsors BROWZ and MSCI, and partner Chubb Insurance have stepped forward to bring to companies like yours these valuable resources, and I hope more and more companies will follow in that path. The tools and knowledge are there; all your organization needs are individuals like yourself to commit to use the resources and the awareness to recognize their benefits.

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