Defensive Driving Course for Left Side of the Road

​NCS is a recognized global leader in driver instruction.

Safe Drivers: Safer Roads

We offer driver safety for motorists who drive in countries with road systems that pass oncoming traffic on the left side. NSC developed our Left Side of the Road (LSR) to focus on the unique safety issues motorists experience in LSR countries.

The course consists of eight hours of classroom instruction (reducible to six hours depending on driving conditions or training needs) and includes enhanced content such as local videos and diagrams that describe the local driving environment.

Participants of the course acquire:
  • Practical knowledge and techniques for avoiding collisions and violations
  • Sensible advice for choosing safe and responsible driving behaviors
  • Instruction on the importance of occupant safety devices and how to use them correctly
  • Guidance for dealing with difficult driving conditions, distractions and fatigue
  • Skills to recognize how attitude can help prevent accidents and improve decision making

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