DDC CEVO Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator 4 Ambulance Instructor Kit DVD

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About this product

The CEVO 4 ambulance instructor kit contains a six-hour instructor-led course that includes seven videos, with two additional presentations on the braking system, a leader guide, a Driver Response Book and a 50-question final test, scored automatically. Participants will discuss different scenarios and driving situations, including applying the principles of SCC (scanning, cushion of safety and communicating), active shooter and Move Over Law. New post-course refresher discussion exercises reaffirm course lessons. 

The Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) 4 Ambulance Instructor Kit includes:

•    Fully scripted instructor guide with group learning exercises, discussion diagrams

•    Enhanced content for the instructor

•    DVD presentation featuring videos with operator point-of-view perspective

CEUs may be available for these courses. Contract your state division of health/EMS for more information. 

We recommend also getting the CEVO 4 Ambulance Driver Trainee Kit, sold separately. This kit includes a 16-page Driver Response Book, a course completion certificate and recognition patch, which students receive after achieving 80% or better on the final test.