Green Cross for Safety Advocate Award Winner:
Common Ground Alliance 811 Campaign

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The 2018 Green Cross for Safety Advocate Award winner is Common Ground Alliance 811 Campaign. CGA was established in 2000 to develop a national public awareness campaign around the importance of calling to mark underground utility lines before excavating. Together with its partners, the American Gas Association, PHMSA, thousands of stakeholders and only four staff members, the Common Ground Alliance made 850 million media impressions in 2017 alone.

Since the inception of the national Call 811 campaign in 2007, damages have gone down more than 50%, and excavation damage is no longer the leading cause of pipeline incidents involving injury and fatality.

Green Cross for Safety Advocate Award Finalists

Jane Fellman, SafeKids Kenai, Alaska
Identifying a serious safety issue in her community – snow machine and ATV safety and injuries – Jane Fellman began an ongoing community education program on helmet use. Started in 2000, her seven-station program covers readiness, safety and emergency response, in addition to helmet use. The observed helmet use rate on the Kenai Peninsula post-training was 88%, and 95% for teens. The Alaskan state average both overall and in teens is 57%.

Dr. David Strayer, University of Utah
Over the last decade, Dr. David Strayer and his team at the University of Utah have been studying driver distraction to better understand how and why people can become overloaded while multi-tasking behind the wheel. His work has identified cellphone use – whether or not hands-free – increases the odds of being involved in a crash by four times, similar to the risk of driving with a blood alcohol level of .08. Estimates indicate distraction has been a factor in two-thirds of the 40,000 deaths on the roads in both 2016 and 2017.

Thanks to Dr. Strayer's research, 15 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, have primary enforcement laws for hand-held cell phone use, and 38 states and D.C. ban all cell phone use by novice drivers.

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