Addressing Employee Mental Health and Distress

NSC Recommendations for Employers

Understanding and Addressing Workplace Factors that Impact Worker Mental Health

Actions for Leadership and Supervisors - Prioritizing Mental Health

Actions for HR: Develop Policies, Procedures and Programs to Support Mental Health

Providing Employee Education and Awareness

NSC Partners for Mental Health

Addressing employee mental health and distress in the workplace requires innovative solutions, and a long-term commitment to the issue. NSC is proud to share and highlight the resources and solutions offered by our partners.

Mental Health America

MHA is the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and promoting the overall mental health of all, including their Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health certification program.  

Psych Hub

Psych Hub is the world's largest online platform for mental health education, including an initiative focused on Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace.

Center for Workplace Mental Health

The American Psychiatric Association Foundation Center for Workplace Mental Health provides employers the tools, resources and information needed to promote and support the mental health of employees and their families.

The Kennedy Forum

The Kennedy Forum seeks to transform the way mental health and substance use disorders are treated in the health care system by advancing a variety of initiatives and policy measures related to mental health and substance use.

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