Impairment Affects Safety On and Off the Job

Employers who address impairment directly support worker wellbeing – and save money.

The National Safety Council promotes employer policies and procedures that define workplace impairment as anything that could impede one's ability to function normally or safely, regardless of cause. Impairment can be caused by chemical factors, such as legal or illegal substances; physical factors, like fatigue; and psychosocial factors, like mental distress and stress.

Join the NSC Impairment Advisory Board

The Impairment Advisory Board is a volunteer group of industry, academic and government experts, as well as thought leaders, who strategically advise the Council's efforts in addressing impairment at work and on the road. It informs Impairment Practice Area projects by providing expertise, insight and access to networks that enrich the initiative, shape outreach and events, and engage external parties to broaden the initiative’s reach and impact.

Want to share your expertise or experience with addressing impairment? Join the NSC Impairment Advisory Board. Email [email protected] to learn more and get involved.

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