Get Help for Addiction

Stop Everyday Killers: Get Help

  • ​Addiction is a chronic disease, like heart disease or diabetes. And, like many chronic diseases, if left untreated addiction will lead to poor health and ultimately death. However, just like heart disease or diabetes, people can recover and lead healthy, successful lives.

    At the National Safety Council, we are not experts in identifying and treating addiction, but we work with some great partners – both nonprofit and government – who are the experts. Below are a few resources we recommend that may help you.


    Shatterproof, a national nonprofit dedicated to ending the stigma and devastation of addiction, has created a lot of resources for individuals and families that explain the science of addiction and answer questions about treatment and recovery.

    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

    SAMHSA has a 24-hour crisis line: (800) 662-HELP (4357). Connect with a treatment center, or use the online locator to find treatment.

    Partnership for Drug Free Kids

    Our friends at Partnership for Drug Free Kids has created a parent helpline and coaching tools to help parents concerned about a child who may be struggling with substance use.