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The number of people dying from a drug overdose is at an all-time high, and the main cause of these deaths is opioids. This crisis reaches employees in all industries and occupations, with workplace overdose deaths increasing by 536% since 2011 and overdoses now causing nearly one in 11 worker deaths on the job.

Recent FDA approval of naloxone nasal sprays for over-the-counter use gives your workplace a new lifesaving tool to prevent these deaths. Naloxone is a drug that can temporarily stop many of the life-threatening effects of opioid overdose. Including naloxone in your workplace first aid kit or elsewhere onsite, and training employees to use it, is a critical component of emergency response to help save a life. Through Respond Ready Workplace, NSC aims to reduce overdose deaths in worksites by supporting the availability of naloxone, related training and support resources in workplaces.

Be Respond Ready

Obtaining naloxone for your workplace and training your employees to use it will give every member of your workforce the skills and resources they need to save a life at work and in the community. Be Respond Ready with options for training your employees and obtaining naloxone for your workplace.

NSC First Aid Training covers naloxone administration

Obtain NARCAN® Nasal Spray for your workplace

● Find naloxone near you: community access for individuals or over-the-counter access

How employers can make a difference

Overview of state Good Samaritan laws

NSC is Leading the Way

Through its Respond Ready Workplace program, NSC is committed to working with employers, government agencies and other stakeholders to:

● Spread awareness about the importance of incorporating naloxone into workplace emergency
preparedness programs

● Disseminate legal guidance for employers around state Good Samaritan and naloxone access
   laws and help states improve these laws

● Support the federal WORK to Save Lives Act (H.R. 5420/S. 2948) to ensure workplaces are
   equipped with naloxone and employees are trained to use it

● Offer a new online, standalone naloxone training for workplaces

● Increase access to naloxone through support of external distribution opportunities

● Design an interactive, online roadmap where organizations can learn more about getting

Learn more about the risks of opioids in the workplace and how employers can make a difference.

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