Prescription Nation White Paper

Prescription Nation 2018: Facing America's Opioid Epidemic

The opioid crisis is worsening. Over 42,000 Americans died of an opioid overdose in 2016, and government and public health officials are scrambling to find effective ways to reverse this frightening trend.

NSC experts conducted an extensive review of current literature, state legislation and data to create a comprehensive report on the status of the opioid crisis. This white paper evaluates each state's progress in fighting this epidemic, based on the number of these six key actions achieved:

  • Mandating prescriber education
  • Implementing opioid prescribing guidelines
  • Integrating prescription drug monitoring programs into clinical settings
  • Improving data collection and sharing
  • Treating opioid overdose
  • Increasing availability of opioid use disorder treatment

The Prescription Nation 2018 report gives you:

  • A state-by-state comparison of actions taken
  • Failing-lagging-improving grades for each state
  • Descriptions of key actions and how they make a difference
  • What's working in states that have faced the crisis head on
  • Case studies, success stories and addiction experts' insights

As the death toll from opioid overdose increases, addressing the crisis becomes ever more urgent. Only 13 states and District of Columbia have improved their response to the opioid crisis since our 2016 report. Sadly, eight states earned failing grades this time. Is your state doing enough? What can we do to turn the tide of an epidemic that is endangering the future of our country?

Download your free Prescription Nation 2018 report now to find out.

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