Tom Goeltz is no stranger to safety. In fact, he has been a safety professional and advocate his whole life.

But nothing could have prepared him for the unimaginable. In February 2016, Tom's daughter Megan was waiting in her car at a stop sign when a car traveling at a high rate of speed crossed over two lanes of traffic, into a ditch and into Megan's car. Tom's daughter and her unborn child lost their lives in this horrific crash. 

Tom and his family's lives will never be the same. Tom is currently helping to raise his daughter's oldest child. He is a survivor advocate and is hoping for tougher laws and regulations around distracted driving, not only in his state, but nationwide. Tom also actively speaks to professionals and students about the dangers of distracted driving, in the hope of saving lives.

Tom Goeltz speaks about this tragedy in the video below.

YouTube Video

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